AWS DevOps implementation

AWS DevOps

With Miracle Mill’s AWS DevOps service you can reliably build and deliver products. New features reach market faster and managed infrastructure resources are more efficient.  From design to implementation of your CI/CD pipeline, our AWS Certified Staff of DevOps Engineers and Developers will bring automation to your software release process.

CI/CD stands for continuous integration and continuous deployment which is achieved via automation in order to increase speed of delivery without compromising the quality of the software releases.


Automating the build, testing, deployment and policy validation leads directly to quality improvements and enables frequent deployments.

The Benefits of frequent deployments:

  • Reduced risk - small but frequent changes
  • Innovation - quick feedback on software updates
  • Lowered complexity - decoupled features

Faster time-to-market

With automated manual tasks and confidence in the quality of the released updates, practicing DevOps enables responding to market stimuli on time and gives companies a competitive edge.

A tailored CI/CD pipeline

Any organisation can reach their continuous delivery goals and become truly agile with our templates and proven process:

1. Process readiness assessment

Analysis of development processes, organisational processes and specific customer requirements

2. DevOps design and architecting

Produce proposal based on analysis and specific needs

3. Tooling, setup & implementation

Adjusting templates & implement a customised DevOps pipeline

4. Operational Excellence & Support

Handover with support period or continuous support and improvements by our certified staff.

With AWS tooling and infrastructure and our templates, building quality products quickly and reliably is just a click away. Choose one of the options below, automate and further enable your agile software development!

AWS DevOps Setup

Estimate based on specific requirements

  • Time & material pricing
  • Including support period
  • Warranty* 20%

AWS Managed Cloud

DevOps setup as part of a continuous support contract

Sign up for our AWS Managed Cloud** subscription service and get your DevOps pipeline in place for free.

  • No upfront payment
  • Monthly fee
  • Continuous improvements

Please submit to learn more.

No credit card required.

*If necessary, an additional 20% of time will be included, limited to the agreed requirements and scope, of the estimated working period to guarantee customer success in terms of outcomes.

**Our AWS Managed Cloud service takes care of your AWS environment, continuous monitoring and support of your solution as well as your DevOps pipelines following best practices. Business hours only or 24/7 support, up to you or your needs. We've got your back!

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