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Whole chain delivery

We enable your mobile apps, web and desktop solutions in all steps from,
Product development, design, development to quality assurance.

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Miracle Mill: Mobile apps, web and desktop solutions

Product development

We help you evolve your product, using industry best practices and our experience from our own products. Our Business Analysts records your requirements and refine the product further before reiterating the final product with you before being designed.


Our designers will visualise your product in the most functional and revenue driven way. We design according to new modern design guidelines such as Material from Google and Human Interface guidelines from Apple. Remember, great design is timeless.


Software Development

We build mobile apps, web and desktop solutions by using new and modern technologies such as node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Objective-C, Java, mongodb, jQuery Mobile and many more. We quickly build your application from ground up, either native or cross platform.

Quality Assurance

Our team of testers are constantly inspiring our developers to write more performant and higher quality code, so they can spend more time to ensure that our customers get a product that’s not only stable and reliable, but also delivers the best business value.


Mobile apps, web and desktop solutions

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So you have a great idea for an app, website or desktop application? Or you want to refresh the design or improve on an already existing product?

Our team of industry experts will help take your existing or future product to the next level, with a clear focus on value.

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