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You have a great idea for an app, website or desktop application?! Or you want to refresh the design or improve on an already existing product? You landed on the right place! Get your designated team and let us take care of everything! Our goal is to transform your idea into a high quality product that will deliver the greatest business value and will attract as many customers as possible.


The Ultimate Festival App

Create your Event quickly with the intuitive Festyvent builder. Choose between an Android or IOS app, or just list your app in the Festyvent surfer. Customise the app to fit your brand image, be present, follow your visitors’ activities, inform real time and make the most of your event!


Yatzy Online

Are you a Yatzy lover who wants to challenge himself? Then, this is the perfect game for you! You can roll the dices online with your friends or random players from all over the world. Yatzy Online is available on Facebook and all major mobile platforms, so start playing now and prove that you are a real Yatzy Master!


Maximal Analytics

Do you want to gain comprehensive insight about different subscriptions and tariff pricing offered by mobile operators in your country and foreign markets you are competing in? Look no further – Maximal Analytics offers you that and much more to support your pricing and strategic planning!



SmartGolfa allows golf players easy and fast booking of golf courses that are SmartGolfa enabled. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can book your golf course at reasonable price and get great service.


Product Development

We will help you develop your product, using the industry best practices and our personal experience gained from developing our own products. Our Business Analysts will record your requirements and discuss about the possible improvements with you, before designing the final product.


Our designers will visualise your product in the most attractive, functional and cost – effective manner that will help you sell the product to the customers. Our creative design solutions are following the new modern design guidelines such as Material from Google and Human Interface guidelines from Apple, always having in mind the most intuitive user experience possible. Always remember – great design is timeless.

Software Development

We build mobile apps, web and desktop solutions by using new and modern technologies such as node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Objective-C, Java, mongodb, jQuery Mobile and many more. We will build your application quickly from scratch, either native or cross platform.

Quality Assurance

Our team of testers are constantly inspiring our developers to write more effective and higher quality code, so the product can meet the specified requirements in the best possible way.

We also want to ensure that our customers will receive a high – quality product that is not only stable and reliable, but also delivers the best business value.


Do you have a great idea that you know will attract a lot of users, but you are not quite sure which business model to use or how to make money on your product? We have several years of experience on what works on the market and what doesn’t. We can guide you and help you optimise your revenue and reach mass market users.

Product launch

When we reach a point where you are satisfied with the final product, the next step is product launch. But no worries because we will take care of that as well! We will help publish your product to the preferred App store, make a marketing plan for promoting it, including but not limited to Ad campaigns through Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Search Ads in order to reach the product’s target audience together with a post – launching review.

Support and Maintenance

Last but not least – your dedicated team will provide you with the all necessary services about your product support and maintenance. We are talking about infrastructure, updates and upgrades, fixing problems and correcting possible errors, as well as modifications and adding new functionalities for improving the performance of your product.  




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