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Using AWS Lambda to power a serverless, event management platform


Event management brings a unique set of challenges for online services, often with high time pressure, bandwidth-heavy content and huge peaks in demand. By harnessing the power of the AWS Lambda, we were able to show how great the cloud is at delivering effective booking systems, excellent engagement with audiences and effective maximization of any revenue opportunities.

About Clarifi Media LTD

Clarifi Media Limited is a telecommunications company based out of London, United Kingdom. They create audience engagement & data analysis solutions. Under the Festyvent brand, they provide festivals with white-labelled, customised apps to engage with the audience through unique digital experiences.

The Challenge

Festyvent enables promoters, touring artists, and festivals to better engage and monetize their audiences before, during, and after events. It provides essential event-app capabilities to fans and audiences, whilst capturing information for the acts and events they attended that can be used for the promotion of future events. Monetizing opportunities are increased through in-app purchases, simplification of merchandising sales, and interactive sponsorship capabilities.

The Solution

The project was divided into three parts: Content Management System (CMS), Back-end, and Mobile clients, Android and iOS.

The CMS is a mix of Backbone.js and AngularJS. It uses the following Amazon Web Services, Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) is being used as a virtual server. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is being used for storage. Amazon CloudFront is working to deliver all the content to users with low latency. AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodePipeline are working as powerful tools to increase and speed line the development process.

The backend is developed using Spring. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) providing secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud, Elastic Load Balancing for automatically distributing incoming application traffic across multiple targets, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as a storage service, AWS Lambda for running code without managing servers, Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring applications and system-wide performances, Amazon DynamoDB as fast and flexible NoSQL database service and Amazon API Gateway for creating and publishing secure APIs.

Results and Benefits

We are currently moving most of the functionality that is done by the server to a microservices architecture using AWS Lambda.

Since this project is for festivals, AWS Lambda along with Amazon API Gateway will give us the scalability that we need to withhold any number of active users during events.

As we have an always growing approach we have an action plan to expand the platform to utilize the following services, AWS Step Functions, making it easier to facilitate multiple services to accomplish tasks. Amazon Pinpoint will be used to targeted push notifications based on user interactions, attending the events. Amazon Cognito will be used to easily manage user sign-up and sign-in.

About Miracle Mill

At Miracle Mill, we are passionate entrepreneurs and engineers, that work to utilise modern cutting-edge cloud technology. We are a cloud-first company focused on building scalable applications utilising AWS cloud services.

We provide cloud consulting services with an Agile iterative approach to software development using DevOps methodologies.


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