Digital Customer Experience

With the advancement in web technologies, customers have high expectations when it comes to their digital experience. By using AWS services, Miracle Mill is able to create unparalleled digital customer experiences that scale.

AWS services allow us to build experiences without spending time worrying about the underlying infrastructure. By adopting AWS and following the AWS Well-Architected best practices, we can create secure, reliable, resilient, and high-performing applications.

The digital customer experiences we've built with the power of AWS have had many benefits for our clients, but among them, we want to highlight the following:

  • Simplified and automated business processes
  • Unified, coherent technological ecosystems
  • Centralized content management
  • Unified customer experience across platforms and touchpoints
  • Using data to guide the construction of the customer experience

With so many different platforms and touchpoints, it can be overwhelming to create a unified, coherent digital customer experience, but our work with over 50 clients has shown that a simple framework is the best place to start.

By working closely with our clients through the Agile process, we ensure that we don't miss the details and context of what we're building. Clients are involved in the process from day one and are as much part of creating their solution as our team is.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we work with a variety of AWS services to deliver the right digital customer experience:

  • AWS Lambda is a computing service that runs small pieces of code in response to events and can automatically manage computing resources, as well as automate various processes in the application and for the business,
  • AWS S3 is a storage service and allows the storage of data objects of any sort and flat files in the cloud. It is secure, scalable, and durable,
  • AWS API Gateway is used to create, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs,
  • AWS DynamoDB is a scalable NoSQL data store that is used to manage distributed replicas of data for high availability,
  • AWS CloudFront provides a way to distribute content to end-users with low latency and high data transfer speeds.
  • Amazon Pinpoint allows us to build personalized, automated, multi-platform customer journeys using e-mail, push notifications, SMS, and voice messages
  • Amazon CloudWatch enables us to monitor the performance of the infrastructure and respond even before issues occur

With the speed and reliability of AWS infrastructure, our AWS Certified Staff of developers will deliver secure apps that scale from prototype to a solution for thousands of users anywhere in the world.

Digital Customer Experience Benefits

Build apps faster

By using AWS' purpose-built services for application development, your app can go from idea to reality faster than ever before. Reach your market faster and with confidence.

Innovation Through Agility

Our DevOps teams work in an iterative way to make your product come to life. We follow the Agile software development methodology and work in sprints to deliver a working application. You are part of the process from the start.

UI/UX Design

Our designers will work to create visually striking platforms with exceptional digital customer experiences based on best practices. We create designs that ensure a visual and logical user journey for each product.

Scale with confidence

Benefit from the reliability and scalability of the AWS infrastructure which our certified staff uses to build your applications. We use web and mobile services to help you deliver secure, highly available mobile applications that scale automatically across the globe.

Marketing Automation

Using the latest technologies powered by AWS, you can automate your marketing process and reach the right audience at the right time and place.

Our Amazon Web Services Partnership

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We are a proud AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner!

Miracle Mill has partnered with AWS as the leading cloud-native solutions provider for small and medium businesses in Europe. Through our expertise and partnership with AWS, we've helped organizations grow and reach their business goals using the cloud. We continue to focus on our AWS partnership by participating in programs, competencies and training available only to AWS partners, and packaging this competence in offerings with transparent pricing available to clients of all sizes.

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