AWS Well-Architected Review

Analyze and optimize your AWS environment with a free Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Review is a great way to get feedback on your AWS architecture. This service is a cloud architecture assessment service that helps you review your workloads against the AWS Well-Architected Framework and mitigate issues. The Framework provides a consistent approach for evaluating architectures and includes best practices for building secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure on AWS.

Step 1: Review Workshop

We start with a workshop where we collaboratively look at the business in terms of the six pillars of Well-Architected operations.

Operational Excellence,  Security,  Cost Optimization,  Performance Efficiency,  Reliability,  SustainabilityOperational Excellence,  Security,  Cost Optimization,  Performance Efficiency,  Reliability,  Sustainability

The output of the review is a report listing all potential improvement areas and grouping them into High-Risk Issues and Medium-Risk issues.

The review helps identify areas where the architecture could be improved and provides recommendations on how to make those improvements. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn about best practices for AWS architecture and can help avoid potential problems down the road.

Step 2: Selecting the High-Risk Issues for remediation

The Well-Architected Review will begin by collaborating with the client in looking at the business in terms of the six pillars of Well-Architected operations.

The service includes resolving 45% of the identified High-Risk Issues (HRIs). We work together to select which HRIs will be resolved in the context of the review. In most cases, this will involve the ones that deliver the most benefit to the client.

Step 3: HRI remediation

We'll work together with you to remediate the agreed HRIs.In our extensive experience, we’ve created our own template library, as we’ve identified patterns across the many reviews we’ve done. Our Well-Architected team will identify any templates that might apply to your HRIs, or if a custom solution is needed.

What you get with AWS Well-Architected Review

Net Zero Cost

Can you get it all for free? Well, almost! As an AWS Well-Architected Partner, we can apply for AWS funding of 5,000 USD in AWS credits. This essentially makes this offer a Net Zero cost for you.

Transparency and Reduced Risks

The Well-Architected Review will leave you with a full report of your account's current status. With this in hand, you have full transparency of the potential issues that can help you mitigate future risks to your business.

Well-Architected Cloud Operations

After the remediation of the HRIs, you’re left with a better operating AWS environment which follows the AWS Well-Architected Framework closer.

AWS Well-Architected Partners

AWS Well-Architected Partners have the expertise to build high-quality solutions, implement best practices, check the state of workloads, and make improvements to fit business and customer needs. As part of the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program we help our clients establish good architectural habits, reduce risks, and respond faster to changes that affect designs, applications, and workloads.

Accelerated Innovation

By examining the current state of the architecture, reviewing best practices, and identifying gaps, organizations can develop a roadmap for improving their architecture. This process can help speed up innovation by helping organizations focus on areas that will have the biggest impact.

Get started with AWS Well-Architected Review

AWS Well-Architected Review

  • Get a funded review of your environment according to the AWS well-architected framework.

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    Complete workshop and review of 1x workload* / 6x pillars

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    Report and plan to mitigate High-Risk Issues

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    At least 45% of the High-Risk Issues mitigated

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    AWS-Funded: Get $5,000 AWS Credits

AWS terms and conditions apply.
*A workload is a collection of resources and code that delivers business value, such as a customer-facing application or a back-end process. A workload might consist of a subset of resources in a single AWS account or be a collection of multiple resources spanning multiple AWS accounts.

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