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How We Work

At Miracle Mill, we utilize DevOps to aid our continuous software development process. By taking an agile approach to development we aim to shorten the development life cycle and provide continuous delivery of quality software.

01 Plan

We know how important planning is for a successful product. We work to familiarize ourselves with each client’s vision and objectives. We work to set up a system to manage, estimate, and schedule tasks.

02 Code

Our DevOps team starts each development cycle with a sprint start-up meeting to define goals. They will then work to create code, complete code reviews, and provide source code management.

03 Build

We work to build your solutions continuously. Solutions are built with goals aligned for each sprint. At the end of a sprint, a demo will be presented and approved for deployment. We have an approach that uses continuous integrations.

04 Test

When applying the Agile approach, continuous quality assurance is completed through-out each stage of the development process. We use continuous testing to reduce risks and validate performance.

05 Release

Upholding a continuous iterative and delivery process is necessary for each stage of the lifecycle of your product, from the planning to the publishing stage. Each release is approved before deployment.

06 Deploy

We work to deploy continuously. Thus you can see your solution coming to life and make adjustments in real-time.

07 Operate

We work to form a collaboration between development and operations. Forming a cohesively cross-functional approach the reduced bottlenecks and delays. Our teams work to verify scalability, security checks, and best management practices.

08 Monitor

Setting up service performance monitoring end-user experience monitoring is a key to an iterative process. We work to continuously monitor your solution and make suggestions for future improvements.

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