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AWS DevOps automates release management

Spike Diamond is a UK based publisher known for online publications such as Holler Country, an online magazine covering news and insight from the world of country music.

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Bill Minimizer is a web platform that contains valuable information about mobile operators and mobile subscriptions. Bill Minimizer is especially unique in that is does not only offer mobile plan comparisons but works on a deep level to calculate the actual monthly subscription costs. This highly customizable feature of the site will work to calculate an actual monthly bill, per subscription type, per the users' unique usage. The platform outlines monthly plans offerings so customers can have a full understanding of the services they are using. This allows subscribers to see exactly what they are paying for and choose if they want to keep the same subscription or change for a different one. With its comprehensive display of costs and features from all the operators in the Swedish and UK markets, customers finally have a full picture of their monthly cost. Along with this, they have an understanding regarding if it is better for them to stick to the same operator and subscription, or to choose something more suitable to their budget and needs. The platform has a smart cost calculator that lets customers choose the desired mobile data, calls, and SMS they wish to consume every month. Based on these parameters the platform will suggest the optimal and cheapest options. Customers can filter through the largest mobile operators and networks to the smallest (virtual) ones, while also choosing the subscription types and binding periods. In addition, to the cost overview and all the additional info for each and every mobile subscription, customers can see cost predictions for the next two years. However, the most unique feature of the platform is that it offers not only a comparison of mobile subscriptions but also of mobile operators.

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Case Studies

Yatzy Online

Yatzy Online is a popular mobile gaming app with other 2 million downloads. This mobile Android and iOS app allows users of all ages, from all over the world, to play online, against themselves, the computer, or with other players. The app started in 2012. Since its launch, the platform has experienced continuous growth. With over two million downloads, Yatzy Online allows users to connect easily to play with friends or random players from all over the world. This mobile app was built for both Android and iOS. It was developed utilizing Node.js and React.js. and deployed using Amazon Web Services (AWS). It has recently undergone a powerful transformation to utilize Machine Learning as a part of its technology stack.

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Case Studies

Paving the way to better customer engagement with Amazon Pinpoint

Working in an industry where customer engagement is key, finding the right services and tools for the internal processes at Spike Diamond is key. Increasing the click-through rates of e-mail and push notification campaigns, and increasing the average visits per customer was critical to the success of Holler

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