Case Study

Time-to-market optimisations with AWS DevOps


Teevolution had identified a need to lower time-to-market of new features and updates, in order to be able to respond timely to the market conditions while maintaining the quality, reliability and security of their serverless AWS environment. With reducing time-to-market, Teevolution can control the pace and timing of new updates and always have the best and most competitive offers for their users.

About Teevolution AB

Teevolution is an innovative Swedish technology company known for their golf-related products and services such as SmartGolfa, a successful web and mobile platform that allows its users to play golf at their own pace, secure golf tees, and purchase packages. Smartgolfa is a 100% serverless application, serving over 50.000 active users playing golf on more than 60 golf courses.

The Challenge

PCG started by reviewing the current development processes and IT infrastructure. The solution had its infrastructure running in AWS and therefore the conclusion was that an AWS DevOps pipeline would fit well with Teevolution’s current environment. From an organizational standpoint, the development teams were already following a SCRUM process, therefore adopting DevOps didn’t have an additional big impact on the organization and the focus was mainly directed to automating the previous manual steps in the development process.

The Solution

The DevOps process implemented is based on PCG’s CI/CD CloudFormation template, adjusted in order to accommodate the specific handling of staging environments requested by Teevolution, for the purpose of content management. The code is deployed for multiple clients and the pre-production environment is used to review the changes and content with the clients. The solution is comprised of multiple AWS CodePipelines, utililizing AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild and Amazon Simple Notification Service.

Results and Benefits

With implementing the CI/CD pipeline, manual steps connected to the release management were removed and crucial testing was automated. The number of releases per month were tripled without increasing workload resulting in Teevolution shortening the time-to-market for new features.

Now new and improved features and offers reach their customers faster, development quality is maintained, enabling Teevolution to keep their competitive advantage without compromising the user-experience of their apps.

About Miracle Mill

At Miracle Mill, we are passionate entrepreneurs and engineers, that work to utilise modern cutting-edge cloud technology. We are a cloud-first company focused on building scalable applications utilising AWS cloud services.

We provide cloud consulting services with an Agile iterative approach to software development using DevOps methodologies.


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