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About Jjs Bilkonsulterna AB

Jjs Bilkonsulterna AB is active in the trade in passenger cars and light motor vehicles. It is a Swedish based company, with a goal to help dealerships in the country to sell leased or traded-in cars in an efficient and seamless method. The company is a limited company that has been active since 2017. Jjs Bilkonsulterna AB had sales of SEK 15,934,000 in the most recent financial year (2020).

The Challenge


After a round of meetings with the CEO of FleetTrading, it was determined that the platform needed to consist of web and mobile-based functionality and have the following capabilities. Dealers would document the car and upload details and photos. The car would be published via FleetTrading, allowing exposure to a multitude of large buyer networks. At the end of the auction, the agreement is finalized, and the car will be able to be collected at one of the partner locations.

Initially, we worked with a team of four core members to design the platform. The development process utilized Agile project methodology, to allow for flexibility and changes.

The vision was to make the process of selling cars better than other competitors in this sector. We helped the client to think about the platform as a whole and how we could utilize user experience to effectively create the platform functionality.

After three months of work, we had the initial platform operational. The platform was built utilizing modern core technology, Angular, Node.js, Amazon DynamoDB, and Fort Knox for the payment system. We use a tool kit to optimize all the images that are uploaded by the car dealers.

The Solution

  • Born in the cloud methodology
  • Agile methodology
  • Development services
  • AWS service implementation
  • Security and compliance optimization
  • Performance optimization
  • Cost optimization

AWS Lambda is being used for the main core of the platform. Amazon DynamoDB is used for the database. Authentication is done with Amazon Cognito. Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is used for the notification services. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to store images and PDF files that are uploaded for the cars. The platform is deployed as a PWA with server-side rendering and as apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

After evaluating multiple cloud options, we decided to move forward with AWS. One of the main advantages of using AWS is a decrease in development time, ultimately allowing the product to move to market faster.

By utilizing AWS services FleetTrading, as a growing company, would quickly have an operational platform that was, east to scale, secure, with controlled costs. We wanted to build a serverless platform. We did not want to manage the server, but only the configuration. Multiple factors can go wrong, using AWS allowed us to mitigate those risks.


Results and Benefits

One of the main benefits of the platform is dependability. When users are interacting with a platform dependability is key. As a business, downtime is not acceptable. Using AWS has allowed us to quickly implement reliable services at a minimal cost. As the platform grows, we have the ability to scale up quickly, while providing a quality service.

Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda have enabled us to create a secure transactional system for the car bidding, ensuring a consistent user experience and minimal risks for mistakes in the bidding process.

Johnathan, CEO of FleetTrading,

“I would give Miracle Mill a golden five stars. This has been a wonderful process and I am excited about the future of the platform. Customers can engage with the platform and have a good experience.”

Currently, the platform supports thousands of users and dealers along with over fifty testing stations. As we take an always growing approach to development, the system is being complemented to fully support the planned expansion in Europe.

About Miracle Mill

At Miracle Mill, we are passionate entrepreneurs and engineers, that work to utilise ​modern cutting-edge cloud technology. We are a cloud first company focused on building scalable applications utilising AWS cloud services.​

We provide cloud consulting services with an Agile iterative approach to software development using DevOps methodologies. ​

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