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Cost and flow optimizations with AWS Mobile services


Staying in touch with your customers is vital for any business, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other similar tools are a great step up from trying to do everything by hand. However, they can also be expensive and difficult to use, and don’t necessarily always come with all the required features. Fortunately for Teevolution, we were able to show them how Amazon Pinpoint can do everything — and more — for less.

About Teevolution AB

Teevolution is an innovative Swedish technology company known for their golf-related products and services such as SmartGolfa, a successful web and mobile platform that allows its users to play golf at their own pace, secure golf tees, and purchase packages. Smartgolfa is a 100% serverless application, serving over 50.000 active users playing golf on more than 60 golf courses.

The Challenge

Teevolution reached out with the challenge to create a better customer journey, optimize customer communication, and increase customer engagement. Additionally, they were looking to move away from Salesforce Marketing Cloud due to high costs, difficulties maintaining the system, and lack of required features.

The Solution

PCG started by reviewing the current flow of the customer journey of the clients of Teevolution. It was established that the existing setup in Salesforce Marketing Cloud could be completely transferred to Amazon Pinpoint without any issues or major rework, in addition to improving the customer engagement workflow for the employees.

With the implementation of Amazon Pinpoint, PCG created a flexible and scalable communication for Teevolution. By creating various segments and customer journeys, Miracle Mill enabled Teevolution to improve the customer experience before and after onboarding them to their platform.

Teevolution now have a guided onboarding process through personalized e-mail and SMS messages after a client books a time. They also have regular e-mail marketing campaigns being sent out to continue to engage their clients.

Architecture diagram
Architectural diagram
Results and Benefits

The solution completely replaced Salesforce Marketing Cloud which significantly reduced their fixed and variable costs, as well as the complexity of their workflow. Since their application is built inside of AWS, this also meant that it’s now easier for Teevolution to integrate their AWS services and create a more optimized and smooth experience for their users, as well as their employees.

With the use of customer journeys, segments, and marketing campaigns, Teevolution have increased their customer engagement rates, the number of purchases per client, and the overall customer lifetime value.

With the use of various templates, they now spend less time creating their campaigns and focus more on optimizing the content and personalizing it for each segment.

About Miracle Mill

At Miracle Mill, we are passionate entrepreneurs and engineers, that work to utilise modern cutting-edge cloud technology. We are a cloud-first company focused on building scalable applications utilising AWS cloud services.

We provide cloud consulting services with an Agile iterative approach to software development using DevOps methodologies.


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